Appraisal company ASIA TURABI LLP

Appraisal company ASIA TURABI LLP has been successfully working on the Kazakhstan market of appraisal services for more than 10 years. Evaluation reports made by our Company are fully compliant with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international standards.

Branches of the company are located in the following cities: Kostanay.

Appraisal company ASIA TURABI LLP provides the following appraisal services:

  • Assessment of market value for all types of real and personal property;
  • Property rights valuation (right of demand, subsurface right, etc.);
  • Valuation of intangible assets;
  • Valuation of construction in progress;
  • Valuation of securities and equity interest;
  • Valuation of equipment and machinery;
  • Valuation of vehicles, specialized machinery, railroad transport, aircraft and ships;
  • Valuation of business/brand.
  • Valuation of the capital assets in accordance with the IFRS requirements.

ASIA TURABI cooperates with Kazakh and foreign banks as a consultant in determining the market value of the collateral.

The quality of our services is ensured by highly qualified staff who have state licenses to appraise all types of property as well as huge experience of working in big Kazakh banks, appraisal companies servicing big Kazakh banks, and therefore have not only professional knowledge in their specialty, but also knowledge of lending, banking administration, requirements of the authorized authorities and international standards for banking activities and property valuation, which guarantees integrated approach to service delivery.

The specialists of our company provided legal support and valuation of property owned by large Kazakh companies – leaders in various sectors of the economy. This is the key to effective practical application of acquired knowledge and skills, and, therefore, to successful development of the Company and fruitful cooperation with clients and partners.

Consultations on the appraisal of:

  • railroadtransport
  • aircraftandships
  • equipment, productionlines
  • securities
  • assetportfolios
  • subsurfaceuse
  • constructioninprogress
  • fixedassets
  • special, mining equipment and agricultural machinery
  • business, brand
  • agreements, contracts
  • Oil depots, fuel stations, CNG filling stations
  • apartments
  • residentialbuildings
  • landlots
  • vehicles
  • production facilities and commercial real estate
  • goodsforsale
  • sharesinJSC/LLP
  • subsurfaceuse
  • assetportfolios
  • elevators
  • a business as part of preparation of companies for
    sale and purchase, M&A, corporate restructuring.

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Almaty, 050000 Kazakhstan

Tel: +7 727 339 31 22

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